How to Detect Signs of Reckless Driving

Bad weather conditions are quite common and prevalent during winter. As a result of wind, snow, and rain, drivers ought to be aware of these ever-changing conditions. Most drivers go to the road during this time to visit their family and friends during the holiday season. Due to poor weather conditions and careless drivers on the road, the number of fatalities increases.

Reckless driving can make matters even worse. Drivers ought to be aware about it particularly during the bad weather conditions and heavy traffic jams. The truth is that there is no room for reckless driving on the road. For instance, can I sue for being hit by a drunk driver? However, it is necessary to avoid it during the high volume traffic.

Reckless driving can be defined as an operation willful disregard of the safety of the persons or property on the road. Simply, it is driving a vehicle carelessly without regard to others and even vehicles. If you drive your vehicle in this particular manner, you are bound to face criminal charges.

If you are a driver, it is advisable to know how to spot signs of reckless driving. This is necessary for your safety and that of other road users. The following are some of the common signs:

Running Red Lights or Stop Signs

This is one of the aspects of reckless driving as drivers disregard traffic rules. Yellow lights and stop signs are not an exception. In some instances, drivers try to rush to get somewhere quickly without regard for other drivers and other people using the road. Running caution lights, red lights, and stop signs is a risky behavior.

Driving Too Fast

It is unfortunate that most drivers do not know that driving over set speed limit can cause serious damage. If the road is icy or wet, then this form of driving can be quite dangerous. The speed limits are created because of dangers on the road. It is easy to veer off the road when you are driving too fast.


Usually, reckless drivers tailgate to get the car to the front to either speed up or get out of the way. However, if the car at the front stops too quickly, the driver may be too close to stop. This may result in accidents and damage to both vehicles.

Repeated and Rapid Lane Changes

Reckless drivers may rapidly and repeatedly change the lanes to avoid traffic. If you couple this with inclement weather and driving too fast, cars can start sliding out of control quite quickly.